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How to ensure your staff get relevant, useful results out of training

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Having a fully trained and competent team is essential to any dental practice but how can you ensure this is benefiting your staff? Here we look at how to provide relevant and useful results.

Staff training is essential to every type of business, especially in the dental industry. Often employees are recruited at varying levels of ability or experience and can be unaware of best practice in that particular environment.

In order to address this, and to ensure that the business is operating as one, training is often provided for staff. However, how do we know if training is effective? Training that is poorly planned and unnecessary can end up being expensive, time-consuming and unsuccessful.

According to Recruitment Assessment, there are three main questions that companies should ask themselves before providing training to ensure that staff are gaining relevant and useful results.

What are the current skills levels of your team?

Do all of your staff have the same skill set? Are there areas that need improving? Will this be beneficial to the whole workforce or just certain individuals? Development programmes are a great way to bring all employees to a higher level so they have similar skills and knowledge.

Are there any skills or knowledge gaps within the business?

By identifying the current level of skill at your dental practice you will also be able to identify whether there are any knowledge gaps within the business. These gaps can then be filled with the necessary training programmes.

Which new skills can you take forward as a business?

It’s also worth considering new areas of business or new skills that can be utilised to grow the practice. This could be anything from training staff on a new computer system, to tracking working hours, to providing training on customer interaction.

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