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How to encourage staff to move out of their comfort zone

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People moving out of their comfort zone and showing a willingness to learn new things can provide many advantages for your dental practice.  Staff will develop new skills and consequently be more productive, and will also feel more satisfied and rewarded in their work.

However, it can sometimes be a challenge to get people to stretch themselves and test their ability to do something different. So what techniques can you employ to encourage this adventurousness?

Give people confidence

More often than not, reluctance to have a go at learning something new stems from a lack of confidence. Your employees might not have faith in themselves that they can acquire a new skill or take on an unfamiliar task.

If you notice that this is becoming an issue, make a special effort to boost people’s confidence. You could do this by recognising what they already do well and stressing that they won’t be judged if it takes some time for them to get to grips with any new responsibilities.

Recognise achievement

Reservations about learning new skills and taking on fresh challenges will soon recede when employees begin to see what they are capable of doing.

By taking every opportunity to recognise what people have achieved and how far they have progressed, you can further boost confidence and help your staff to prepare for the next challenge.


Stress that there is no such thing as failure

As counter-intuitive as it might sound, there is no such thing as failure when members of your workforce are taking part in training and development initiatives, as long as everyone learns something from any mistakes they have made or difficulties they have encountered.

It is often the most challenging experiences that provide the most valuable insights for the individual and the biggest benefits for the business.

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