Treatment Coordinator training - the key to a successful dental practice

Treatment Coordinator Training

Are you looking for effective Treatment Coordinator training?

In the fast-paced and highly competitive field of dentistry, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to stand out.

One key element in ensuring that a practice reaches its full potential is to invest in Treatment Coordinator training. This will help you to make sure that your patients are getting the best care possible to improve both their oral health and their outward appearance, as well as increasing revenue for the business.

The Treatment Coordinator is a vital staff member and when fully trained should be able to:

  • Increase practice revenue
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Increase case acceptance
  • Improve patient care
  • Deal with the majority of the non-clinical work
  • Increase referrals into the practice

Through the Treatment Coordinator you can offer free consultations to new patients. The main role of the Treatment Coordinator in the consultation is to answer questions, explain the options available, offer advice to patients and present payment options. 

Description: Designer Dental Training's In-practice Treatment Coordinator training increases treatment uptake, covers new patient assessment protocol, advises on marketing, presenting payment options, building rapport with patients and much more.

What treatment coordinator training includes

Simply put, Treatment Coordinators - also known as TCOs - are the key to a lucrative dental practice. They are able to discuss options carefully with clients and can greatly improve the perception of customer service. In addition, by having a team member who is specifically able talk over treatment plans, estimates and other such information, dentists will be able to focus on the clinical side of things.

Depending on whether or not your practice already has a TCO, or is looking to establish the role, the Treatment Coordinator training from Designer Dental Training will help you to implement the position properly and effectively. The training will help you to understand what the role should entail, the right type of person for the job and how to go about making the most of this team member.

TCO training is usually delivered over two days (in-practice) and includes theory as well as role play and implementation. Call us on 01642 206106 to book a FREE telephone consultation to discuss your training requirements.

designer dental training: helping to improve your practice

If you want to ensure the best care for your patients, while also increasing your revenue, then the courses provided by Designer Dental Training are the perfect choice.

To find out more about our treatment coordinator training and other ways we can help your business grow, get in touch today. We'll be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

You may also want to attend one of the one-day external courses to get a taste of what we have to offer. These are held regularly in venues across the country in cities like London and Birmingham. Check our Events page for the next scheduled external courses.

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"The course had lots of information that I can take back to the practice to help build the business. I can't wait to put it into place"

- Claire Law - Aberdeen Orthodontics

"The TCO course is fantastic! Feel I have learnt about the role of a TCO and how to incorporate it into practice. Jacqui is an amazing speaker. Covered all areas and can't wait to do the second part of the course. Thank you"

- Kelley Clark - Serenity Dental

"Built my confidence. Fantastic trainer; kept me motivated for the whole day. Highly entertaining and motivational TCO course"

- Josie Francisco - Hyde Park Dental Clinic

"The TCO training course was very informative and met all aims and objectives, and a great speaker. Packed with details and FUN!"

- Rebecca Ivers - Shenas Dental