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Why good communication is a vital aspect of customer service

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High customer service standards are extremely important if your dental practice hopes to build up a strong base of loyal patients, and one of the critical foundations of customer service is communication.

If the practice’s employees aren’t able to communicate effectively with members of the public, building positive long-term relationships will prove difficult. Here are some of the key reasons why good communication is so important:

It gives a good impression of your brand

If a patient has a particularly positive experience talking to front-of-house staff or any other employee at your practice, they are likely to remember it and possibly tell other people about it.

Personal, face-to-face engagement between representatives of the practice and members of the public can dictate overall perceptions of your brand, and it’s important to remember that these repercussions can be both positive and negative.

Patients want to feel they are being heard

It’s often said that the secret to good communication is listening. Your consumer-facing staff should be able to converse with people in a way that shows the patient’s views are being heard and understood.

This will make a big contribution to showing people that the practice is ready and able to meet their needs.

A pleasant conversation puts people at ease

Receiving a warm greeting and being made to feel comfortable is a vital first step to someone having a positive experience at your practice.

If your staff are able to communicate in a reassuring and supportive manner, it will help patients to feel less nervous about their trip to the dentist and also make it more likely they will book a return visit.

Communication opens the doors to feedback

Once the lines of communication between your practice and its patients are open, you could find that you start to receive a lot more feedback.

Views and suggestions from members of the public could be positive or negative, but they could all prove useful for improving your organisation and its customer relationships.

Find out how dedicated training could help to improve your communication and customer service standards by contacting Designer Dental Training today.

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