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Why well-trained receptionists are key to the success of your practice

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Of the many people who have an important part to play in the success of any dental practice, one member of staff who perhaps doesn’t receive the recognition they deserve is the receptionist.  These front-of-house representatives make a key contribution to how your practice is perceived and consequently how successfully it attracts and retains patients.

Here are some of the specific reasons why well-trained receptionists are so important:

The first and last point of contact

More often than not, the receptionist is the first member of staff people encounter when they enter your practice, and the last person they see before they leave.  As such, the way these professionals conduct themselves and engage with the public is hugely influential in terms of defining the overall patient experience.

A friendly face

Receptionists providing a friendly, welcoming face can be highly valuable in any sort of business, but it can prove particularly important for dental practices, where some of the people arriving for treatments could be feeling nervous.  Receiving a warm greeting from the first person they see when they enter your practice could be enough to put patients at ease and quell their nerves.

Handling complaints

Unfortunately, complaints are a fact of life for most businesses. The key to success in this regard is not necessarily trying to avoid complaints altogether, but dealing with them in the right way when they come in.  With well-trained customer service professionals ready to speak to patients and discuss any issues they may have, your practice will be in a stronger position to ensure complaints lead to positive solutions.

Productive communication

Conducted in the right way, communication between receptionists and patients can deliver clear results for your practice, such as stronger brand loyalty and greater awareness of your services.   Receptionists who are good at their job will recognise the importance of practices such as encouraging people to return for regular treatments and asking happy patients to recommend you to a friend.

To find out more about these kinds of benefits and to ensure you are getting the best out of your front-of-house staff, ask Designer Dental Training about dedicated receptionist training.

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