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The Chairside Conversation

An in-practice course on how to get more of your patients to say "Yes!"

  •   Would you like to increase your private income?
  •   Are you afraid to ask for the correct fee because you are concerned the patient will not go ahead with treatment?
  •   Would you like a higher acceptance rate on treatment plans?

If the answer is 'yes' to these questions then our in-practice half day chairside conversation course is for you. This course helps dentists improve treatment uptake, achieve the prices set for private treatments, deal with patient objections and ask for patient referrals.

The course is CPD verifiable and covers the following area:

Beliefs of Excellence - There is no failure only learning experiences. Delegates will look at the role of communication in delivering results - recognising the impact of communication is based upon what you actually do and how you behave ("If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got!")

Communication Styles - Seek first to understand...then be understood. Communication is a process not an event. It involves at least two people. When you communicate with another person, you perceive their response and react with your own thoughts and feelings. Your behaviour is generated by your responses to what you see and hear. It is only by paying attention to the other person that you have any idea about what to say or do next. Your colleague or patient will be doing exactly the same, and responding to your behaviour, so think Win/Win and seek solutions.

Discovering Personality Style - Delegates determine their personality style and how best to establish a rapport with each other and with patients using communication along with some simple language tips.

The ABC Approach to Selling - This very simple yet incredibly effective method of selling is introduced and examples of rephrased selling/buying points that mean something to the patient are given. Delegates will be given the tools to determine what they perceive are the unique selling points of their practice and then determine if they are actually of any importance to the patient and/or will have any merit when educating a patient to be able to make an informed decision.

How do people make decisions? - 12 ways to create instant trust, belief, influence and rapport by talking to the sub-conscious mind, starting with a handshake.

Overcoming Objections - The four basic types of objections are covered i.e. the lack of need; the lack of urgency, the lack of trust and the lack of money and steps introduced for overcoming these objections.

Asking for Referrals - If you have built rapport with your patients then asking for referrals from their friends, family and colleagues becomes easy.

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